High & Medium Voltage

  Electricity frequently covers considerable distances before it is available to industry or private households. From the power plant, it is initially transmitted over high-voltage, long-distance networks. For regional distribution, it is transformed to a lower voltage level in step-down substations and then transported from there via medium-voltage systems to local transformer substations or directly to large facilities such as factories or hospitals.

 Medium-voltage systems supply electrical power to a region of several localities, or parts of a city. Low-voltage supply networks branching out from additional transformer substations are responsible for the final distribution as far as the electrical socket.

Switchgear, busbar trunking systems, protection, switching, measurement and monitoring devices, switches and electrical outlets, and numerous other components play a role in the safe and economical handling of electrical power. They increase the energy efficiency of large buildings and industrial applications and make smart grids possible in the first place