Horizon 2020

HORIZON 2020 - Business model in Research & Innovation

The operating business model for market replication Research & Innovation is based on business action lines of a sectorial nature following and forecasting the market orientation and specialization trends. BauConzept Engineering disposes of an interdisciplinary group specialized in research, innovation, social technology, technical assistance and training in the field of RDI project management.

With a large experience in (non)-formal education and in conducting dialogue with various stakeholders, BauConzept Engineering offers consultancy services and training/informative sessions on writing and implementation of FP7 projects, building up a common dialogue in a public-private partnership for reaching convergent interests, exploitation of the results, management of the IP and IPR, communicating science to society, etc..

BauConzept Engineering focuses on several research areas, amongst others: Mobility, Energy, Information Society, Industrial Innovation and Integrated Safety. BauConzept Engineering acts as an interface between science and the market in which contract research and strategic collaboration are keys to the transfer of knowledge. Despite the BauConzept Engineering is a very young SME, its experienced staff carried out prospective studies, evaluation services and EU framework projects in topics related with:

· AUTOMATION IN POWER SYSTEMS: embedded systems, advanced controls and diagnostics systems, adaptive cooperative control systems, runtime self-tuning systems, diagnostic algorithms and fault tolerant system

· ENERGY: integrated systems for suppliers, consumers and building systems, integration of energy generation systems with smart buildings and grids, energy demand management , interoperability of a renewable energy grid components, supervisory control strategies for optimization of energy use, predictability of plant behavior by using neural networks algorithms;

· SMART & GREEN: cooperative control subsystems in electro-mobility, smart buildings, cities infrastructures, standardization mechanisms for safe integration of critical embedded systems; smart control interfaces for light/heavy vehicles; automatic systems for traffic safety and optimization; standardization issues for a green urban traffic and a low pollution; human centered energy efficiency; energy efficiency regulations for the market uptake activities;

· HEALTH: active ageing, healthcare, remote monitoring and homecare, assistive technologies for dependent elderly, service robotics, companion robots, smart homes, integrated care, remote monitoring, , sustainability of living and quality of life Moreover, in all the research carried by BauConzept Engineering the transversal issues like ethical and gender aspects, responsible research and innovation are considered.

· INNOVATION FOR SMEs: organizational management and business models for SMEs, model-driven technology; basic infrastructure, technical skills and IPR knowledge for capacity-building of technology transfer entities; ICT-based new business models;

· INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION: Technological innovation patterns; innovation in developing countries; corporate social responsibility in business sectors; responsible innovation in research and development; open innovation ecosystems; social innovative services.

Proof of its commitment to quality in the development of integrated solutions, the company has bridged solid partnerships with key stakeholders in the energy & construction field and other relevant European technology providers.

Through its involvement in the development of integrated solutions for the projects funded through European programs, BauConzept Engineering keeps continue the growth of RDI division to raise its impact both on local and EU industry, and turned into a reference SME that attracts people who want to develop their creativity and organisations as knowledge co-generators. As a short-term objective, BauConzept Engineering aims to consolidate its position as a solution supplier with EU standards.

Due to our expertise, knowledge and previous research we would like to offer our expertise for the ongoing and incoming calls within Horizon 2020 and other related programmes (COSME, EUROSTARS, EIT-KICs, etc.).

For the list of the projects we have been associated partners, please feel free to contact.