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Project Management


Project management is the art of directing and coordinating human and material resources throughout the life of a project by using modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, time, quality and participation satisfaction.

Cost Management


Each client is interested in achieving the lowest possible overall project cost that is consistent with its investment objectives.

After the planning phase, cost supervision comprises of two major efforts: a competitive bidding process for selecting a general contractor and continuously implementation of a project cost control system to oversee costs from change orders and contractual claims.

Tendering & Contracting


After the concept design and financial settlements for the project are finalized together with obtaining of building permit, the client will start the construction works with a general contractor selected through a competitive bidding and negotiation process.

The client may choose to work without general contractor in order to save significant amount of money and time.

Concept planning & Design


project management construction management real estate services The  basis for success of a construction project is represented by ongoing  coordination of all planning phases (concept design, technical project,  detailed execution design, as built) from the start until final stage  taking care that nothing has been left out or handled wrongly.        

Main  chapters are referring to: architectural, structural, facade, outdoor  facilities, infrastructure, mechanical & electrical engineering  (ventilation, heating, cooling, sanitary, sprinkler, hydrants, low  voltage distribution, lighting, fire detection, security, IT  communication, building control automation), audio visual, conveyors. 

Project Monitoring


On  each large scale construction projects the client is looking for  professional supervision in the areas of organization, schedule, costs  and quality. Here is the range of services which are exercised during  the entire project:        

- comply with local and international regulations and quality standards;

- detect possible problems quickly with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays;

- evaluate technical solutions to keep the project on track;

- permanent milestone monitoring;

- budget control

Site Inspection


Mandatory  inspections during construction time prior issuing of using permit  ensure that what has been approved on development and design stages,  stated in building construction permit complies with existing standards  and client requests.       Usually  the list includes but is not limited to: quality control & quantity  check of executed works (structural steel or reinforced-concrete  structures, building safety, HVAC & electrical systems, plumbing,  water and fire proofing, elevators, etc.) according contract agreements,  detailed design and existing norms and regulations(including changes  during the construction process , technical sheets and  sample materials  control, daily logs, including photographs taken during execution,  field inspection and testing, and final checkout of the facility.